starting point

When I moved into my home 7 years ago the garden was kind of neat and tidy, a bit run down around the edges and with a couple of established fruit trees. Fast forward to 2014 and 4 years of neglect hadn’t improved things any, so I tried to introduce some structure, I destroyed an ugly path and created a large circular lawn, introducing flowerbeds around the side, created a pond and along the way dug up an old, buried fibreglass pond and tonnes of rubbish, but it still wasn’t very inspiring.

Time for a change.

This year I started again, I made my circular lawn about half the size and began adding paths and a good solid lawn edging to keep my grass out of the flowerbeds. I replanted all my plants into one section, keeping the planting nice and dense to supress weeds. I still have about 70% of the garden left to do, but am holding off as home renovations mean we have a team of builders regularly trampling the earth there, so it looks like an ugly wasteland.

This blog will follow some of my efforts in the garden. I’m a total noob, so making lots of mistakes, but I’m SO keen that failure isn’t an option!

Here’s our original garden and 2014’s snaps. Eep.


what the what?!

What on earth am I thinking starting another blog on this crowded internet of ours? There’s no need, is there? We’ve got it covered.

Fair enough.

When I was younger I kept a journal. It was therapeutic and it kept my thoughts and memories safe somewhere I could find them later, but the thing about  a journal is that it’s private and there’s the risk of it falling into the wrong hands.

So that’s what I’m doing here. I’m blogging about my day-to-day, my garden, my art, my occasionally anxiety and anti-socialness, but hopefully in a positive way. And the hope is that this time it will fall into the right hands. x